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update 06.04.1999


On March 7th 1999 - by pure fortune - I was looking up in the web about the search-word "haenzi" and found a list of Swiss family names, amongst them "henzi". Over the listed e-mail address I tried a connection and found contact to Barb Eberhart in Michigan, USA.

Since then we stay in regular happy contact and exchange news about the family and innumerable other things, too...




1.    Bendicht Henzi (A), of Meinisberg. His sons:

1.1    Abraham Henzi (B) witness at baptism of Abraham Henzi (D)

1.2    Bendicht Henzi, (C) married at Biel 5 July 1845 to Elisabeth Kunz, daughter of Heinrich Kunz . Their children:

1.2.1    Abraham Henzi, (D) * 16 March 1851, baptised 30 March 1851 in Pieterlen, witnesses were 1.) Abraham Kunz, old judge, the father's uncle, from and at Meinisberg, 2.) Abraham Henzi (D), the father's brother, at Meinisberg, 3.) Johannes Kunz, the mother's brother, single, and  4.) Maria Wyss, born Maria Schlug, Abraham's wife, from and at Rüti near Büren.

Abraham (D) had

1.2.2    a brother (E), who came to the US with his brother Abraham in 1880

1.2.3    a sister (F) who married a Mr. Sutter and stayed in Switzerland

and maybe more...

He emigrated to the USA in 1880 (with a brother?) and settled in Flemington, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. On 2 September 1882 he married Bertha Louise Hämmerli, born 14 February 1864, daughter of Jacob Hämmerli and Margaret Burkholder. Jakob Hämmerly died early and left his wife Margaret and the two children Bertha Louise and Frederick, who emigrated to the US in 1873 (or about).  Mother Hämmerly remarried a John Rudolph (Hansruedi) Frey in the US in 1873. Abraham's wife Bertha Louise died 7 May 1936

Abraham Henzi (D) died 4 November 1931 in Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania

Abraham and Bertha had the following children, all born in Pennsylvania:    Emma Elizabeth Henzi (E), born  about 1883, married to Hayes Bilby (1879 to 1952), she died 1931. Their children:    Russell Bilby    Ethelda Bilby    Edward Bilby    Dale Bilby    Margaret R. Henzi (F), born 1884, married to George T. Bottorf (2 January 1875 - 3 December 1947), she died 23 December 1937. Their children:    Kenneth Bottorf, born 23 September 1905    Ellis Bottorf, born 25 August 1906    Dorothy Bottorf, born 4 October 1908    Charles Frederick Henzi (G), born 3 January 1890, he married Ruth M. Poorman (+ 1961) on 1 July 1912, and he died 1 January 1963 in State College PA. Their children:    Robert Charles Henzi, born 7 July 1913    Mary Martha Henzi, born 20 June 1924    Besse Mae Henzi (H), born 17 January 1895, married on 19 June 1920 to Edward Maurer Eberhart Senior (* 17 February 1896, + 13 June 1969). Their children:     Edward M. Eberhart Jr., he grew up in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, then moved with his parents to Alpena, Michigan, and ended up in Detroit, going to Lawrence Tech University, there he met his future wife Rosemary Fleming. Their daughters are:     Carol Ann Eberhart (L), who is married to ... Their children:    ...    ...    Barbara Jean Eberhart (M)    Dorothy Jean Eberhart    Ernest Abraham Henzi ( I ), born 10 December 1897, married with Matilda Katherine Muse (9 July 1890 - 4 October 1951), he died 6 October 1986. Their daughter:    Louise Henzi, born 1922 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    Rosella Grace Henzi (K), born 3 June 1899, married to Lewis Geraty, she died 4 February 1940. Her son:    Donald F. Geraty







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