POWERPLAY: The ultimate Rock band of Basel, Switzerland

Powerplay Reunion 2018

In 1994, four guys with a long history in rock music put a band together that was going to present no-nonsense Hardrock music to the world - and beyond. Hot vocals, rich instruments mixed with a driving rhythm section result in the characteristic, pumping sound of the outfit.

After 13 long years in 2017 the original members are meeting again and playing at Andrew Kochers birthday party and the rock power was back. So the four original members decide to start a 2018 POWERPLAY REUNION! So we're back again to rock the world.

Nomen est omen... POWERPLAY stands for powerful Rock'n Roll without hitches, hiccups and yawns, music that goes down well with a wide audience.

It's gonna blow your Brain

*Blowing your brain may be hazardous to your health!

Powerplay Reunion Foto_01

The Musicians are:
Markus Reichenbach: Lead Vocals and Bass guitar
Andi Kocher: Drums and Percussion
Andi Fünfschilling: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Simon Tanner: Guitars and Keyboards

Former Members (2004 - 2017):
Michi Aeppli: Keyboards
Dani Pisseli: Guitars and Backing Vocals