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This website is dedicated to two of my main interests and hobbies: mathematics/computing and music - and especially to the connection of the two, summarized in the word "MaMuTh".

What is "MaMuTh"?

This word, invented by Guerino Mazzola, is a shortcut for "Mathematical Music Theory" and stands for any use of mathematical methods in music theory or music generally.

If you think it is rather a prehistoric shaggy elephant and should be spelled differently, you are partly right. To see a picture of the elephant, click here. (But about the spelling, I have to insist...)

About the author

From 1984 to 1989, I studied mathematics and computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). During this time I came in contact with the amazing theories of Guerino Mazzola which fascinated me right away - one reason being the possibility to combine my profession with music, one of my great private passions. I then had the opportunity to write my thesis in this field. Nowadays it has been some years since I left the university and went into software development (the place I work is here); mathematics as well as music are now just hobbies - and not the least important effect of MaMuTh is now that it has inspired me to some of my recent musical compositions - On-To-Sû, So-Na-Ta and Asîmchômsaia are two examples presented on this site. Concerning theory, my writings serve merely as an introduction to the subject; for current academic research I recommend the links section.

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