Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Mixed Media & Watercolors by Thomas Adam

who tries to live life as art form
Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Mixed Media By Swiss Surrealist Artist TA,
A Place To Purchase Original Fine Art.
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My oil painting, drawing and watercolor techniques include frottage, grattage, decalcomania, assemblage and mixed media techniques on canvas and paper.
You will find surrealistic inner and outer realities, full of symbolism, expressionism and escapism.
Enjoy my artwork and my fine art in the thumbnail art galleries. Subjects of my modern art pictures vary from abstract compositions and self portraits, up to expressionist erotic depictions of godly women in their eternal feminity, alcohol and drug abuse.
Besides these free images I also have a free webpostcard service, free software links and a webring link page.
Plus a gallery about The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, music links and many sites about jokes and cartoons!

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Last updated on 01/12/2002