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 This man is amazing! Almost every 2-3 days he creates a new FREE software! :-)

free software

 Another ICQ friend of mine FREE software creating maniac is HAGAI PIPKO! :-)


 What is WatchCat? - WatchCat is a small system tray applet for hiding application windows. Windows hidden by WatchCat also will disappear from taskbar and Alt+Tab chain. It's extremely convenient if you need to keep applications such as MS Outlook open all the time but don't check them often. As for me, sooner or later such applications get in a way in wrong time and get killed by Alt+F4.

I personally think the following Internet Bar is even better! (Unlimited programs to startup...)

internet bar Easy starting of your favourite internet programs. Supports up to three Web-Browsers. One user's program with your description. Starting of programs at InternetBar-/Windows-Start. DialUp function to connect to your service provider. Auto-Connecting to your service provider. Multi language: Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Horizontal or vertical button alignment. Always on top to help you with an "AutoSmall" function

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