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I.P.A.R.C (International Police Amateur Radio Club) is in possession of two club Call's. On fall 1998 the IPARC Switzerland replaced the HB9X with the new Call  HB9IPA. The second Call is HB9P, which is also used by the members of our Club. The Calls HB9IPA and HB9P are frequently on air. For Skeds, please refer to the homepage of the IPARC Switzerland (will be online soon). Both Calls will be active on the next IPARC Contest in November 1999.

Matterhorn Award

The I.P.A:R.C presents the Matterhorn Award. to all licensed Amateur Radio Ham's and SWL for the following conditions:
Applicants must prove contacts with members of the International Police Association Radio Club, Swiss Section, as follows:

Europe: 1 Clubstation HB9IPA, HB9P or HB9X, and 2 Swiss IPARC Stations

DX: 2 Swiss IPARC Stations

There is no band or mode restrictions. Valuable are all QSO's from the beginning of January 1st. 1985. If more info's are needed please send a mail.

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