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H ello stranger! Be welcome to my site, I hope you like it....

Lemme quickly introduce myself: I'm a 21 year old Swiss student, interested in lotsa stuff. I like music, hate people who always want money from me, my favorite food is pizza, I'm chaotic and I don't have a favorite color.
Wanna know more about me ? Here's a larger introduction of myself.

Let's move on to the interesting (?) stuff.

Things you can do on this page:

Download Quake Shareware!
Yes, you heard it, QUAKE! Take this chance and download the most important game of the century.
Don't know what Quake is?? Hell, what rock have you been living under the last 2 years?! Quake is THE game, with a true 3D environment, polygon-shaped enemies (no sprites), ambient sound, incredible lightning and a whole lot more! Check it out!
Download it now!
Quake Screenshots!
Here are some fine Quake screenshots, which were taken by me. I made them to show the people who don't know Quake yet how great this game is. See some monsters in action, look at the fantastic architecture and see those incredible light fx! This screenshot page will remain here until I finished my Quake page...(soon?)
Let me see those pics!

The FDNS Doom page!
Remember Doom? Well, I do, and I won't ever forget it! Doom has changed my life! OK, on my doom page you can download my own levels, levels from FDNS (Fraggin' Doom Network Session) members, demos from our deathmatches, tools, patches, links.... Check it out!
Take me there!
My wall links page!
Ever wanted to add your URL to a page? Well, that's your chance, on my wall links page, you can add ANY URL you like, the link is added immediately, so what are you waiting for, do it...
Let me add my URL!

Misc. Stuff
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    Berserker Hey Beni, thank you for being so cool and such a great friend!
    I hope to see you somewhen again, have a good time in Canada!
    Zaphod Ey Zap, ready for some Quake?
    Mats Long time no see, d00d!
    Zino Hi Zino, how's it going?
    3Ca Hey d00dz, when's the next partee?
    The junkies @ DataComm Junkies.....tsk..:)

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