Chessterfield Download
Computer Chess Program Written by M. Lüscher

New Features
i1 (203KB Zipfile)
April 98
i2c (202KB Zipfile)
June/July 98
faster engine (10-30%)
redo button
i3 (260KB Zipfile)
June 99
faster engine
hash tables (+50 - 100 ELO)
computer vs computer
human vs human

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*)  1. The Chessterfield chess program is freeware.
2. There is absolutely no warranty for the program.
3. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.
4. You may give Chessterfield to your friends, as long as you don' t charge a fee.
5. It is illegal to modify the program without my permission.
6. There is no support for this program.
7. Please report bugs to: Other comments are also welcome.