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On this page you can download my own chess program, called Chessterfield.

Having finished grammar school in 1995, I found some time to improve my C/C++ knowledge. In a momentary lapse of reason I committed myself to the task of writing a fully object oriented chess program. Gradually, programming, especially chess programming, became one of my favourite hobbies. If you are interested in the results of my work: all you need is a windows PC (NT 4.0, WIN95 or WIN98) and a few minutes of time to download my program. The program is freeware and I don't take any responsibilities for its behaviour.
About the Program
As written above, Chessterfield is fully object oriented. This concept has several advantages: object oriented programming allows you to write clearly structured chess programs with modern interfaces and good possibilities for position analysis.

The following features are implemented in the current version:

  • 32 bit multithreading 
  • graphical user interface 
  • permanent brain 
  • alpha-beta search 
  • zero move 
  • some heuristics 
  • variable search time and search depth 
  • position editor
  • hash tables 
I have not yet found time to implement the following important features:
  • opening and endgame library 
  • PGN-Support 
  • print service 
  • context sensitive help
From the points listed above, you can guess that my program is still far from being a chess genius, but nevertheless it will be a good partner for any hobby player.
Literature and Links
Dieter Steinwender and Frederic Friedel have written a very good book about computer chess:
  • Dieter Steinwender, Frederic Friedel; Schach am PC; Markt&Technik; German.
Lots of people have done good work collecting links to other computer chess pages. Here are just two of them:
I would be glad to hear your opinion on my program. You can easily contact me by e-mail (m.luescher@datacomm.ch). Thanks for reading this page and I hope you enjoy playing chess with my program.

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